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    TES Alliance is a popular, growing, community driven site for game lovers, by game lovers. Here you will find a wealth of gaming and modding resources like specialized tutorials, play guides, walkthroughs, custom tools, the Voice Actors Project, exclusive releases, and much more. New to modding? At the core of TESA is The Enclave: The First ES Modding School. Stop by the Study Hall to seek answers to your questions, or visit one of the classes to glean wisdom from a modding Scholar. Whatever brings you, we hope you enjoy your stay!

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    Project Tracking & Hosting Suite

    Need a forum for your project but lack the know-how to start your own site to host it? Tired of wading through endless forum threads to consolidate bug reports for your project? Looking for a better way to promote and develop your next big idea? We offer serious modders a diverse and integrated arsenal of tools for their project development unlike any other! The Tracking & Hosting Suite on TESA includes hosted forums, team blogs, awards, RSS Feeds, bug tracking and much more all for free!

    For more information, please visit the About Project Tracking/Hosting Thread to read the details and download your application today!

Study under the masters and learn how to make your own user content for the Elder Scrolls.

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